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Velveteen Rainbow


Your search for an aerial instructor is an important step in attaining your goals joyfully and safely. Get in touch today-- We can go far together!

Natalie Agee

Natalie is an accomplished performer and instructor. She has performed, choreographed, and taught in theaters, at festivals, and in schools and universities across the country.

In NYC, she has been teaching since 1997.

She has taught workshops and classes in Static Trapeze, Corde Lisse, Chinese Hoop Diving, Acrobatics, Handstands, Aerial Conditioning, Stretching, Composition, Dance, Pilates-based Conditioning, and Injury Recovery/Prevention to people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

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Her classes focus on blending core strength, connectivity, flexibility, mind-body awareness, and technique with live energy, radiance, and passion.

Classes are highly individualized, and directed towards each student's goals. You can start where you are! Natalie is skilled at creating a training program for you. We'll move forward in a way that challenges you, while listening to what your body needs in a given moment. Proper training follows a specific, logical progression, resulting in beautiful technical skills, safe and efficient movement choices, open pathways for skill development, and the foundation to create innovative vocabulary within the form, whether or not building an act, and performing it, interests you.

Natalie is dedicated to creating a positive and empowering learning experience in which students can achieve their goals. Working together, she and her students bring more hope, love and beauty into the world through the circus arts.
Below are a few basic class descriptions. New classes can also be created and tailored for your needs.


Deep Stretching
This class focuses on back, hip and shoulder flexibility, using a foundation of abdominal and shoulder girdle support. Students learn to use proper alignment while stretching in order to maximize movement range without compromising joint and muscle health/ stability. Students can apply the concepts discovered in this class to gain body awareness, to achieve gains in aerial or ground-based work, or simply as a way to restore muscles to a healthy resting length after a day's work.


Static Trapeze 
This class builds strength, flexibility, positivity, and mind-body awareness in order to maneuver in this aerial form. The focus on technique allows students to work safely and efficiently, to gain beautiful lines in the air, and to guide their learning process in a way that will lead to new skill acquisition. Students learn ways to express themselves and to integrate their personalities into the movement, without compromising their supportive connections, enabling them to find freedom and new inspiration within the form. The concepts learned in this class can be applied to other aerial forms.


This class helps students build strength, flexibility and coordination in order to reach their goals for standing on their hands. It focuses on abdominal, shoulder and arm conditioning, as well as proper alignment for balancing in static or dynamic positions. Students learn to channel live energy and the joy of working on a beautiful free-standing form into the technique. The class is adaptively structured to challenge students at their own level. 


Partner Acrobatics
This class is an extension of the handstand class, applying its foundation towards working with partner(s) and creating static and dynamic movement sequences. Students will learn to use their bodies to actively sense and communicate with one another in order to create relationships with the ground while maintaining partnered shapes. Students will learn to use their individual strengths to work towards common goals, basing and flying in duos and small group partnerships, and will be able to choreograph mutually supportive, novel movement phrases.

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Class Locations

Classes and workshops taught by Natalie can be found in the "Scheduling Notes" link, on the Calendar page of this website.

A little bit of history

Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio
Natalie founded and directed two independent studio spaces in Brooklyn: Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio (2003-2008), and The Velveteen Rainbow (2009-2012). These spaces gathered together a warm, community of inter-disciplinary artists, students, collaborators and friends. In an atmosphere, where positive energy abounded, people participated in group classes, private training, rehearsals, and creative experiments. These studios allowed students and professionals, alike, the opportunity to share their work in all stages of development. Championing diversity, individuality, and the invention of new vocabularies, were at the heart of these studios' work in the world.
The Velveteen Rainbow also housed a Mini Gallery, where a different artist was featured every few months. Artists created an installation for the entrance to the space, and could display and sell their work. To see the artists that were featured in the Mini Gallery, click here.