Women's Experimental Sound Festival

February 2010

Our Mini Gallery is pleased to present work from several different artists participating in the Women's Experimental Sound Festival. 

Asli Binalís "Nature of Sound" is a multi-channel sound installation that utilizes motion detection technology to trigger sounds in a room.  I was inspired to create an installation that could change the soundscape, similar to works by Max Neuhausand Christopher Janney.  The work I envisioned would be unobtrusive and encourage the audience to interact and aim to figure out how the sounds are created.  Through the use of spatialization and audio processing, I want to fill the space with sound in a disorienting manner.  I've written a Max/MSP Jitter patch that uses a web camera to detect motion in different areas of the room, and trigger sound and audio processing functions to play back through corresponding speakers.  The audience is an essential component of this installation as they have the power to trigger the sounds simply by moving around in the space, and their interaction with the work shapes the overall presentation.  The duration of the piece is constant - as long as there is movement in the room, the installation will be engaged. For more information about Asli and her work, please visit: www.aslibinal.com


Pia Blumenthal is a Brooklyn-based graphic artist and electronic musician. She likes geometric shapespastel colors and complex audio waveforms.  Her piece is called "FunDrum" and is a Flash-based drum machine. For more information about Pia and her work, please click here.


Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist/ improviser/ composer from an eclectic muscial background. Her new piece in the mini-gallery is entitled "New Work". For more information about Dafna and her work, please visit: www.dafna.info

Aimee Norwich's "play, record, listen" is merely a visual description of what she
usually does with her days and nights. These are ink drawings on paper. For more
information about Aimee and her work, please visit: www.aimeenorwich.com

The Women's Experimental Sound Festival Event opens on Saturday February 20 at 6:30 pm. 

For more information, please click visit: http://www.natalieagee.com/rubystreak/02_20_10WESF.html


The Mini Gallery at The Velveteen Rainbow/ Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio features a different artist, every few months. Artists create an installation for the entrance to the space, and may display or sell their work. To submit work or proposal ideas, contact Amos: mail@aimeenorwich.com