Anitra Haendel

September 2009

Our Mini Gallery is pleased to present recent work by Anitra Haendel. 

The exhibition will feature a series of small but powerful paintings that combine a spontaneous and energetic sense of color and brushwork, with a studied composition.

Based in images of the artist’s body as well as objects from the surrounding urban environment, these paintings capture movement and stillness both inside and outside the human form. The collaged feel to the work evokes the contradictions in emotional and physical existence, while holding out hope for the self’s capacity to shed and transform. 

Join us at her opening in the space on Saturday September 12 from 7-9pm. 

More about Haendel and her work can be found at 

The Mini Gallery at The Velveteen Rainbow/ Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio features a different artist, every few months. Artists create an installation for the entrance to the space, and may display or sell their work.