Adriana Varella

 January 2011

Our Mini Gallery is happy to present work by Adriana Varella. 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, living and working in New York City, Adriana works in multiple media.

She has created site-specific installations, videos, sound projects, photos, drawings, sculptures performances, public
interventions and public art projects.

Nomad, Feminist, Pansexual, and Anarchist.

"One of the aspects that interests me in art is the fact that it is a territory in which we have
greater freedom to construct other possibilities of the world, as well as being a territory that
allows developing some consciousness in the process of creating ourselves."

More information can be found on her at

The Mini Gallery at The Velveteen Rainbow/ Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio features a different artist, every few months. Artists create an installation for the entrance to the space, and may display or sell their work.